Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Spring Rehearsal Week # 1

Picture # 1
The day before the first rehearsal
my home-studio was a costume and prop workshop
....cat not included

Picture # 2
Costume designer Amelia Ehrhardt measures dancer Marlene Latour

Picture # 3
Testing out the headlight prop

Picture # 4
Dances Suzanne Liska and Robert Halley warming up

I was really nervous to start again after not having worked with my dancers for three months. Sometimes it is good to get distance from the creative process but this time around I just wanted to keep working without a break. The December rehearsals had so much momentum to them that it was hard to hold my excitement about the piece over the winter months but at least I had time to do lots of administration and marketing work for the production
Kathleen Rea

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Steve said...

Love the stylish pink scarf the dog is wearing. Does your cat get along well with the stuffed dog?