Monday, June 9, 2008

Week # 3 Blog

Karen Kaeja helping me make a mold for Robert's head piece
Step # 1 (plastic wrapped around head)

Step # 2 (start putting plaster strips ons)

Step # 3 (waiitng for it to dry)

Step # 4 (I have attatched wire antlers that I made and then covered the whole thing in fiber glass. Know it sits on a heater off gassing)

Update Notes
Snowblink band members Daniela Gesundheit and Dan Goldman are driving to Toronto from San Francisco. They will start rehearsals soon. I am excited to see the piece with live music.

We did our first big run through on Friday. The piece as a whole has "lived up in my head" for so long that it was surreal to see it live. During the run through I was running sound and video taping while also trying to get a sense of the piece. I like to watch my work form my "heart" but with all the technical jobs I was doing it was hard to do this. My stage manager is attending some rehearsals this week so hopefully I will get the chance to just watch.

I watched the video over the weekend making transitions and edits notes. Its really the same process as writing..... you get it all out and then you edit it down to its essence. With a title like "long Live" I really must make the piece just the right length (not to long) :-)

Lots of work ahead. I try to balance my time between marketing and the creative process. Few hours of sleep are the result but my adrenaline keeps me going.

Catch the Magic!
Long Live
July 4th - 6th
Betty Oliphant Theatre, Toronto, Canada
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